We create unforgettable connections.

For more than 40 years, we've produced events and media content from concept to completion for clients across the country.


about us

At Media Productions, we bring brands to life.

How? By creating unforgettable connections – connections that turn viewers into believers, participants into advocates and shoppers into buyers. By telling your story in a way that engages, inspires and motivates the people you want to reach.

A full-service, North Dakota-based event, video, animation, photography and audio production company, we do it all – from concept to completion – for businesses of all sizes, from small local companies to international corporations.

Creative chops. Cutting-edge equipment. Technical know-how. We're here to provide whatever you need, wherever you are – on location or inside our 3,500-square-foot soundstage in Fargo. Our roots may be in North Dakota, but we're equipped to go the distance.


We are idea generators, storytellers, artists and technicians. We're creative, committed and precision-driven. And we're ready to tackle any challenge at a moment's notice.


Media Productions has access to a seriously deep pool of talent and resources.

We're part of RR46, a group of like-minded marketing communications businesses with 500 clients in five countries.


Kelsey Larson

A South Dakota native living the North Dakota dream. Loves good design and (I've been told) terrible music. Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, track and field - you name it, I play it or watch it. A vegetarian unless there's a good cheeseburger on the menu. Dogs > cats.

Lee Massey

An outdoor addict who thinks in colors, rhythm and sometimes even smell. Loves all four seasons, spices, seasonings and other words that start with s. A participator, not a spectator. Music – both playing and listening – touches my soul.

Gavin Rehder

An avid outdoorsman. Bikes to work and kayaks the Red River three-quarters of the year. Reads comics, posts toy pictures on Instagram, and watches Doctor Who one-quarter of the year. A (very amateur) musical artist of an obscure genre that you don't want to hear.

Dan Ruud

Honey-do list master. An outdoor and travel junkie with a keen eye for photography. Wishes the weather channel told the temperature of light. Road bike addict.

Chelsea Hanson

Gardener, photographer and musician. Collector of pretty rocks and pinecones. Advocate for animals, science and journalism. Wears Halloween socks year-round. Happiest when road-tripping with my husband, dog and telescope.

Todd Wawers

Golf. It's what makes the world go 'round. Also bike rides with my daughter and dog. Reliving my past band glory days by teaching the next generation proper live sound as an adjunct professor.

Andrew Hendricks

Lover of beers, liquors, coffees, metal music, movies, cooking and video games. Favorite animal: otters. Favorite food: don't know because I haven't had it yet.

Steve Wallevand

An audio engineer and musician through and through. Played with the Temptations, Wayne Newton, and other Top 40 producers and musicians in Hollywood, Chicago and Minneapolis. Hiking and camping is my jam. I've never met a mountain I didn't want to climb.

Jeff Jenson

A San Diego native who can be found catching a fish, capturing and tweaking RGB, or on two wheels finding out if that road really does lead somewhere. Passionate about technology, fast things and general gadgetry. An artist and a lover of all things nature.